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How To Setup Cron Jobs in cPanel to Automate WHMCS Tasks

Post by HowTutor » 18 Oct 2015, 07:49

The following tutorial will show how to setup the cron jobs in cPanel to automate many WHMCS tasks like invoicing and account suspension. In a similar development, do you have a recent WHMCS installation and you discover it does not automatically suspend due accounts? It is because you have not set up cron jobs properly. This tutorial is the solution.

First, about WHMCS.
This is a client management software used mainly for account management and invoicing for web hosting and other web services.

Cron Jobs
Cron jobs, which is based on PHP or GET, helps through some commands to automate some processes on the web server.

Why automate some processes on WHMCS?

Per adventure you have 2,000 clients and you want to manage their invoicing daily and also account suspension. Doing these manually will definitely not be efficient. Simply automate these using cPanel cron jobs.
To enable WHMCS perform these automated tasks such as invoicing and account suspension, you must first set up cron job. This can be done in many common web control panels, such as cPanel.

STEP 1. Inside WHMCS Admin
While logged in to WHMC admin panel, go to Setup and select Automation Settings. WHMCS provides you with the command code necessary to run the cron job using PHP in cPanel.
Cron job set up in WHMCS
WHMCS-Setup-automation-cron-jobs.jpg (74.59 KiB) Viewed 6258 times
Copy the command and proceed to cPanel.

STEP 2. Inside cPanel
Scroll down to find the Cron jobs icon. Here you will see the list (if any) of already set upcron jobs in your server. Also already opened is a form for setting up a new job.
Sett up cron jobs in cPanel
cPanel-cron-jobs.jpg (55.25 KiB) Viewed 6258 times
Once you confirm your new job is not already set up, please fill the form with your details. You can enter the email address to which cron job report will be sent.

Scroll down and paste command code from WHMCS Admin setup. Under Common Settings:, you can select your desird settings. Once per day if you want automation done as such. Once satisfied with the settings, select Add New Cron Job button. That is all.


Re: How To Setup Cron Jobs in cPanel to Automate WHMCS Tasks

Post by HowTutor » 18 Oct 2015, 07:55

A YouTube video for this tutorial. www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7ohSPMc8EA

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