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How to Start your own Blog - A Step by Step Tutorial Guide

Post by HowTutor » 27 Dec 2016, 19:35

People start and own blogs for various reasons. The following tutorial will show how to start your own blog in a simple step by step guide. For whatever reason - money, passion, career, work - getting a blog is similar to building a house. You need to follow some basic steps in order to get it right. Here I share the basics.
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1. Select your area of interest and resources.
This is the first and most important. You need to identify your area of interest, that's part 1. Your area of interest must be something you want to blog about, or that you have passion for. It could be animals, agriculture, food, phones, gadgets, television, celebrities, snakes, photography, war, romance, beauty, fashion, sports, news, internet, computers, politics, fraud, banking, albinos, poetry, Internet data, furniture, bras, s*x, mosquito, or anything at all.

The second part is that it must be an area you can get resources about, that is information. Why would you wanna blog about Iraq if you don't know shingbaun about the country? Got the trick?

2. Give it an identity, a name!
Give it an identity, a name. It is befitting if the name is relevant and sparks interest rather than meaningless. If you are gonna blog about you, why not name it after you. If it's about bras, why not name it after bras or cups! Lol.

Also, make the name unique, not too long but memorable. The name alone will spark interest if it's functional. Why name a mobile phone blog after a dog? Got the trick?

3. Get your information sources working and ready.
If you are starting a news blog, where would you get those news from? What of tech blog? You need latest tech updates. Identify your information sources and make them work. Is it jobs blog, then you need sources of latest job opening info. Got it?

4. Consider your hosting options.
Information is power! You need to know your internet presence options. And know the pros and cons.

a. Option 1: A free blog on .blogspot.com or .wordpress.com
The pros: you don't pay a dime for domain name and hosting. It's free.
Cons: it's not flexible and your are not 100% in charge. There's more.

b. Option 2: You claim your brand name and pay for the domain name, like MYBLOG.COM na d probably host it too.
Pros: You are the boss. 100% in control of both your intellectual property and your brand name.
Cons: The cost. Domains cost about 10 USD yearly and almost same for hosting.

Now decide and book whichever you want.

5. Design your blog.. .

If your choice was a free blog on .blogspot or WordPress, there's not much. But still your can change your theme and customise them.

However, if you bought your domain and your hosting, there is no limit to the customization you can do as you probably have absolute root access.

Either way, this step is about making your blog very attractive to your taste and your visitors. And make it functional.

6. Start posting contents!
Content is king! It's the main purpose of your blog and it's the only reason people are gonna keep coming in back.

Post unique contents regularly. That's all to it. Start posting unique content, not copy and paste from other sites.

You may wonder: If all the info am gonna be posting are free from other website, how do I avoid plagiarism? That's a topic for another day. Follow me.

7. Tell and invite people about your blog!
There are numerous ways to do this. Word of mouth still works. Also, take advantage of the spiral social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram ET Al.

Create your social network accounts and connect your blog.

That's it.

8. Finally, the end game. Realize your purpose.
Did you start the blog to make money? Then find a way to do this, maybe via ads networks like Adsense, affiliate marketing, subscriptions, e-books, etc Is your blog just for passion? Then keep on blogging and keep catching your fun!

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