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How to Register And Own A Domain Name For Website

Post by HowTutor » 08 Oct 2015, 14:29

The domain name is like your business name. It serves as your identity on the internet. The identity of your business, organisation, company or group, or movement. It is the name of your business.
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Registering a domain name is as easy as ABC, for whatever purpose: a website, an e-mail database or other. And below are the steps required.

1. CHOOSE BEFITTING NAME. Decide and choose your preferred domain name. It is a name, and it must fit the purpose. For example, a domain name like GOAL.COM befits surely a football website. PETTY.COM befitting for pets webite. So, choose a name you love and that befits your purpose. FOODY.COM will not jive with a forex trading website.

2. CHECK FOR AVAILABILITY. As stated earlier, a domain name is like a business name. No two businesses share same name. The unfortunate thing is that your desired name may have been bought by another person. You just have to look for another.

Click here to check for domain names availability.

You check for the availability of the name by simply performing a search. The same way you perform search at maybe Corporate Affairs Commission for a business name. If it is available, then good. Proceed to step 3 below.

3. CLAIM IT. BUY IT. Domain names like business names are purchased at a cost from Domain Registrars. Domains are owned by yearly subscriptions. You renew yearly your ownership. Failure to renew promptly after expiry makes the name available for another interested buyer.

Click here to check domain prices and buy.

4. PAY FOR IT. OWN IT. Once you pay for your domain name, you automatically become the owner. The domain registrar gives you control over the domain name, to append details of your ownership, and use it, with appropriate name-server settings, to direct people to your website, or use for your email database.

5. USE IT. RENEW IT. Feel free to use your acquired domain name for any purpose you desire. Simply guard it jealously by not forgetting to renew it annually from where you bought it.

Finally, Click Here to get a domain name of your dreams.



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