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How To Self-Install A Tv To The Wall

Post by GodKnows » 26 Sep 2014, 09:17


If you reside in Nigeria, and you're willing to try out this tutorial then you'll realise it will safe you close to #3000 installation fee.

I can hear you asking "why try hang it when you can easily place it on a shelf or somewhere?"

Hanging the tv to the wall adds beauty to the room and saves space. Now you remember.

# Have faith that you can install it yourself. What matters in everything is self-conviction.

# Choose the location that soothes you. Some people won't want to hang their tv too low because of their kids, some won't want to hang it too high as to prevent straining the necks, others would have got special likeness for a particular angle in their rooms. Make your own choice.

# Find the wall studs. At the location you will want your tv hang, try detect where the studs are; the location will always sound different if you hit it with hammer. (you can use stud detector incase, you can acquire one.)

# Drill through the wall studs. It will be simple if you follow strictly the next steps.

# Do what I did. At this point, I took the manual and followed it step-by-step to back my courage since I can't claim better knowledge than the manufacturer.



Step 1: Mounting the wall board to the studs. Drill in the wall then put 10x50 Concrete anchor in the holes and fix the wall board to the wall by matching ST8x50 lag bolt and 8.5x18x1.5. Keep the bubble level in horizontal.
Attach the wall bracket plate (wall board) to the wall using the screws or bolts provided with the wall mount kit. If the kit uses lag bolts, drive them in with a socket wrench.

Step 2: Mount the tv set to the tv board (those two metals that look like ruler).
Use the bolts packed in the accessory package (i.e wall mount kit) to mount the screen back to the tv board. Put the necessary screws and fix them to the tv set mounting holes.

Step 3: Put the wall mounted tv board with screen to the wall board.
Hang the tv set mounted on the tv board to the proper wall board holes.

If you have installed it properly, you'll know because it will stand firm, if it doesn't, you will just need a little adjustment; so there's no need to be scared.

Well done.


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