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How To Paint Your Room Glossy Pink

Post by GodKnows » 01 Dec 2014, 22:49


Lets just make it simple. If truly you want to paint your room glossy pink then follow my lead.

If I were you, I will visit the market and buy a required quantity of paint. I will buy white and red paint (knowing well that the mixture of red+white=pink). Allow me to sound local here, there is emulsion paint, the one we normally dilute with water before using it, there is also gloss paint, the one we dilute with kerosine before using it. You'll need the gloss paint in order to have a glossy pink looking room.

Assuming you've got the needed paint, you must make effort to get a roller, a brush, a mini-ladder, a putty knife, painting bucket, etc.

You will have to add kerosine to the paint and stir (it mustn't be too thick or too light) when you're done mixing, take it to the surface to be painted. You'll dip the roller into the bucket of mixed paint then start painting (your painting direction should be up to down and down to up)

Before embarking on the painting expedition, wear an overall it will prevent the paint from leaving an indelible stain on your beloved cloth.

Most painting process requires two coats (i.e the first coating and the second coating) and should in you want to create shapes like square, circle, rhombus, fulcrum, pyramid,etc on the painted. You will need a paper sellotape to carve out the shape you wish for.

What more can be said? This post meant to give you the courage that giving your room the desired glossy pink look is a thing you can do if you have a spare time.


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