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How To Solitaire Card Game

Post by GodKnows » 28 Aug 2014, 13:25


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Solitaire means alone in French language. As the name implies, solitaire is a one-player game that can be played with 52 playing card or on a PC. It is meant to make someone become patient, to chase someone's idleness away and to quench boredom.

I believe the game was evented for those in any form of isolation but people travelling on a long journey do make you of it.

You must have it in mind that the process of winning in the game of solitaire holds some elements of luck.

There are different types of solitaire: suits and aces, spider solitaire, golf solitaire, jump solitaire, blind solitaire which me and a friend invented,etc.

Reading rules to play solitaire is always clumpsy, so the best way I'll recommend is to watch video on how to play solitaire and go ahead to view the real simple guides.

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