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How To Guard Yourself And Loved Ones From Harm

Post by GodKnows » 20 Sep 2014, 03:10


Many people hold a very strong laxity and lackadaisical attitude towards security issues. Such laxity has eroded belongings and cost agonising assaults to them or their loved ones.

When they say "Police Is Your Friend" it doesn't mean that you should/must befriend a police; it simply means, you must wake up the police in you.

You must begin to take your security matter seriously.

By carrying these questions in your mind every time and everywhere you go.

1) Are you vigilant & alert?

2) Do you know all emergency numbers at heart?

3) Do you report suspicious activities to the right body or agency?

4) Do you report bombs or telephones threat prompt as possible?

5) Do you notice and report suspicious packages or placements where not to be?

6) Do you report unnecessary or foreign groups for proper scrutiny?

7) Do you always demand id cards of visitors like powerholding officials or water fee vendors or waste management vendors, etc. each time they visit your home. So people form unwholesome familiarity by saying "I know this man, he has been coming here before. What if things have change?

8) Do you disallow parking of vehicles, motorbikes, trucks, etc. around properties and unlawful parking areas?

9) Do you insist on full screening and search procedures?

10) Do you obey the useage mosquito nets?

11) Do you possess fire extinguishers where needed?

12) Do you have security alarms and are they in perfect form?

13) Do you adhere to drug prescriptions?

14) Do you study gadgets and appliances manual?

To safe yourself and loved ones from dangers, all those questions you must cultivate the habit of addressing.



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