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How To Finally Stop An Infidel Wife

Post by GodKnows » 30 Jul 2014, 15:27

Hi! I'm GodKnows.

If you agree with me that pillow is not pillow when it's filled with thorns, then stopping an infidel wife is something worth doing.

The danger in someone's wife being an infidel is very high. Just read below:

(i) The man in question can be made mega-docile by his wife through some supernatural means.

(ii) Infidelity can lead to loss of trust and heartbreak.

(iii) Infidelity gives birth to accusations, excuses and blaming in a relationship.

(iv) Infidelity can lead to counter-infidelity; the do-me-I-do-you game.

(v) Infidelity can lead to divorce or fighting or attacking (physical, mental or spiritual)

(vi) All the aforementioned effects of infidelity can bring about death of either or both partner.

I hope we now know WHY we must at least try to stop an infidel wife.

Some wives became infidel through idleness. If this is the cause of your wife's infidelity, then you need to get her engage in her field of passion.

Some women have a complicated emotion. They can love their husband dearly and at the same time love someone whom their heart cannot let go. If this is the case of your wife, creating a very tall and strong fence between her and the other lover without her being aware of it, is very advisable.

The romantic rose has withered.
It has been proven that every relationship gets the point of emotional starvation. Only those with the understanding of this fact will stay and let the time pass.
It varies from relationship to relationship. To some, it's after 10years of marriage, to some it's after 7years, to others it's after 13years but sooner or later, things get back to normal.

Some women cannot afford to loss the opportunity they're enjoying and because of this yield to infidelity e.g: political office, celebrity position, religious title, employment, just to mention a few. One of the things the husband can do is to prove to them that their notion is wrong by helping them find alternative.

High level of disrespect for the husband leads many wives into infidelity. If this is the case of your wife, then be a man for yourself (not by beating her) but restore your lost glory because if a woman disrespects a man, 1000 women will still disrespect the same man if care is not taken.

Addiction to alcoholism or drug abuse is another cause of infidelity such a case requires medical and spiritual attention (this' also the solution to a nymphomaic wife).

Finally for those who cannot wait to find a solution, for the sake of your life, I advise you find a legal way to start singing:
"I'm walking away
from the troubles in my life
I'm walking away
I gonna find a brighter day..."
by Craig David.


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